FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH Complete anti-aging treatment

-15% FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH Complete anti-aging treatment

Complete anti-aging treatment. I am not my age, I appear younger! For her.

With Fountain of Youth, I am not my age!

We all know it of course! Your age shows on your face. This is all the more true when strong tell-tale signs, such as wrinkles are present in large quantities and noticeable by their depth. But just as much as wrinkles, other signs of ageing combine to mark the passage of time on your skin: sagging facial features, irregular skin texture, a dull complexion, brown spots, rosacea, dilated pores…
Our skin ages because, individually, each of our cells ages naturally according to our internal cellular clock: telomeres

Our FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH face cream containing the active ingredient RENOVAGE will repair and prolong the life of these cells. It also contains Argan oil.

Clinical tests

Clinical tests, conducted over a period of six months show that FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH is anti-aging. Specifically, the results show that by applying FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH once or twice per day you will see:

  • A 38% increase in skin hydration
  • A 42% reduction in brown spots
  • The skin will become 35% firmer and 31% more elastic with 45% more tone
  • A 45% reduction in wrinkle presence
  • A 37% reduction in dilated pores
  • A 30% reduction in blotchiness.

These equally impressive numbers are based on customer satisfaction:

  • 71% of participants reported a reduction in wrinkles
  • 87% of participants reported an improvement in skin suppleness
  • 79% of subjects reported better skin uniformity and firmness.

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