LUMIN-EYE - Anti- Puffiness and dark circles

Eye contours are a unique area, varying considerably from other parts of the face. Fragile, delicate, they reflect our general physical condition. A lack of sleep, problems getting out of bed in the m..

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MAGIC LIP For deliciously luscious lips

 PLUMPING LIP BALMA corrective remedial treatment for dry and chapped lips.Due to its active ingredients, MAGIC LIP moisturizes, nourishes and increases the volume of your lips. It ..

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Eyelash Growth Serum -30%

Eyelash Growth Serum

How It WorksDaily use provides immediate conditioning benefits, leading to healthier-looking, more luxurious lashes. A proprietary blend of natural ingredients and the application of scientifically-ad..

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FIRMING CARE Bust and Neckline

The targeted treatment to strengthen and refine the bust and neckline: rapid smoothing effect in only 15 minutes + long-lasting skin firmness and tone.Visible effects in only 15 minutes!Our FI..

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FLASH For Your Face 30ml.

Crow’s feet, wrinkles and frown lines simply disappear within 3 seconds!A makeover for your faceInstant effects,Lasts 12 hours,Makeup can be applied immediately after application,Targeted application ..

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FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH Complete anti-aging treatment -15%

FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH Complete anti-aging treatment

Complete anti-aging treatment. I am not my age, I appear younger! For her.With Fountain of Youth, I am not my age!We all know it of course! Your age shows on your face. This is all the more tr..

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 HYDRA-BELL - hydrating cream -17%

HYDRA-BELL - hydrating cream

If you have sensations of tightness, roughness, itching, peeling or even cracking, this means your skin is dry and dehydrated. Dehydration in the skin can by caused by over-showering or bathing, sun e..

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PERFECT CHIN For Women - Roll-on

A double chin is a family heirloom that we could do without! It adds a burden to the face, destroys the profile and has an overall detrimental effect. Although it usually appears when we're overweight..

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