The first ever hair reducer deodorant! Deodorant + hair reducer + gentle care: everything your underarm needs!

The whole Claude Bell Institute's know-how for a triple action deodorant.

Our EPIL XPRESS DEO roll-on is the first triple action deodorant, which simultaneously combines:

  1. 24 hour antiperspirant protection, even during physical activities
  2. Gentle care
  3. Hair growth reduction.

EPIL XPRESS DEO is not just a deodorant; it is also a hair growth reducer and will gradually reduce hair growth until it completely disappears.

The active ingredient is Palmatine. It is extracted from the Fibraurea recisa and vectorized in micro-capsules that are released along the hair shaft to a third of its depth and gradually reduce hair growth.

Clinical tests

After two months of treatment, with daily application on required areas, clinical tests have revealed:

  • Hair is thinner and finer: 48%
  • Significantly slows down re-growth: 36%
  • Fewer hair removal and/or shaving sessions: 60%.

Besides, auto-assessment by the panellists has been recorded:

  • Slowed down hair growth: 73%
  • Thinner and finer hair: 72%
  • Long-lasting moisturizing effect: 90%.

Individual results are not guaranteed and can be different considering usage intensity and health.

Directions for use

Apply EPIL XPRESS DEO every day to get the best hair inhibition possible.

1 x 50ml Roll-on

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