BODY CARE LOTION. The solution for the prevention and treatment of ingrown hairs

 BODY CARE LOTION. The solution for the prevention and treatment of ingrown hairs

The exclusive solution for prevention and treatment of ingrown hairs!

Ingrowing hair, hair under the skin, in the most sensitive places, bikini line, armpits, intimate areas, anyone who uses hair removal treatment has experienced it.
By applying BODY CARE LOTION before or after hair removal this problem will be quickly forgotten!

More specifically, our BODY CARE LOTION:

  1. Prevents hair forming under the skin,
  2. Cleans pores,
  3. Allows hair to grow healthy and normal,
  4. Delays hair regrowth with regular use.

The lotion can be used for preventative and remedial purposes.


Our BODY CARE LOTION contains exfoliating, healing, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agents:

  1. Calendula officinalis extracts, used for its softening, healing and anti-inflammatory properties,
  2.  Larrea divaricata extracts, used to slow cell multiplication in the hair follicle,
  3.  Esters of salicylic acid extracted from Salix tree, which are used to accelerate skin cell renewal, break down dead cells from the surface layer and prevent ingrown hairs, while benefiting from its' antiseptic properties,
  4.  Polyquaternium-10: quaternary ammonium is a surfactant agent which cleans the pores and allows the hair to grow in healthy and normal,
  5.  Bisabolol: natural terpene alcohol with anti-irritant, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial.

Directions for use

Application BODY CARE LOTION before and after hair removal sessions enables hair to develop normally and healthily.
We recommend daily treatment in order for your skin to quickly become clear and smooth.

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