The anti-stretch marks argan concentrate

The anti-stretch marks argan concentrate

Anti Stretch mark lotion with Argan oil


Solutions for:

  • Helps to prevent stretchmarks and reduce existing marks
  • Helps restore the corrective tissue
  • Maximum skin tolerance for all areas like breasts, abdomen, hips & upper thighs


Research results: 

Clinical tests conducted over a period of two months show:


  • A 72% decrease in the depth of stretch marks
  • A 11% increase in the thickness of the dermis
  • A 29% reduction in the surface of stretch marks.

Individual results are not guaranteed and can be different considering usage intensity and health.


Directions for use

Our Anti-Stretch Marks Argan Concentrate comes in the form of a roll-on container, which allows you to better target affected areas and remove stretch marks. There is no need to spread the product with your hands; the concentrate is quickly and easily absorbed by the skin.



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